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Happiness Stories

Happiness Stories


"We are convinced that without the help of Butch, my dog Samson' would have been very unhappy, unhealthy and considerably shorter.
We cannot thank them enough."

- Alison Morgan

"Just wanted to let you guys know how happy we are with Butch product. I think it's been a couple of months now since Sadie has been on it and the change in her is unbelievable."

- Chloe Sue

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Common Features of every Butch product

icoLightly Cooked

Butch rolls are lightly cooked between 80 - 98 degrees celsius for not less than 15 minutes. This not only ensures the safety of the meat but as it is cooked for only a short time it maintains the integrity of the nutrients. Note: Canned Pet Food is cooked for over an hour at 120ºC. Dry Pet Food is either baked at over 200 ºC or pressure-cooked at extremely high temperatures. Other common features of Butch [+]


We are convinced that without the help of Butch,...."

Alison Morgan

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